Tell Aviv Shakshuka!

Stunning Israeli Special: Poached eggs in a home-made tomato sauce accompanied by hummus and homemade pita bread.


The Notorious P.I.G.

Outstanding fried eggs with a double whammy of that hammy bacon and sausage! Along with lentils, grilled tomato and mushrooms on toasted bread.


Diosa Itza Sweet Crepe

Big daddy crepe stuffed to the brim with fresh fruit and smothered with yoghurt and granola.


The Eggcited Omelette

A temptatious omelette with mushrooms, spinach, spring onions, mozzaterlla cheese and traditional mexican sauce with a side of black beans and fruits.

Avocado Q5 extra

Bacon Q10 extra



Khali Pakhoras

Tantalizing vegetarian fried pakhoras made out of zucchini, spring onions, parsley, indian spices and cheddar and mozzarella cheese.


Big Bang Nachos

Explosive nachos that will blow you away! Piled with refried beans, guacamole, cheese, cream, lettuce and pico de gallo

A) Veggie Q42 B)Chicken Q50


Mamita's BBQ Chicken Wings

A pound of flabbergasting chicken wings marinated in a tasty BBQ sauce sided with our delightful honey mustard sauce and creamy garlic sauce.


The Drooling Texan Fries

A bombastic bowl of fried potatoes topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, spring onions, jalapeno peppers and tomatoes.




Refreshing salad with lettuce, spinach, red onion, tomato, avocado and corn with an exotic coriander and spring-onion based dressing accompanied by:

A) Mushrooms marianted in bbq and chipotle Q55

B)Chicken breast marinated in BBQ and chipotle Q60


Garden of Eat'n

Exquisite salad with spinach, lettuce, carrot, zucchini, apple, broccoli, mushroom and spring onion served with our fresh garlic tzatziki sauce

Veggie Q55

Chicken Q60



Portobello - Belly Pizza

Fungtastic fresh made Pizza with Portobello mushroom, garlic, parsley, onion, tomato and spinach with a savory mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

Small: Q48.00 Large: Q83.00

Señor Sanchez Tex Mex Style

Amazing pizza with BBQ chicken, chipotle sauce, avocado, parsley and spring onions with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Small: Q50.00 Large: Q83.00

Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza

You can't got wrong with this baby! Covered with pineapple, tomato sauce, garlic, parsley and delicious BACON! Topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Small: Q45.00 Large: Q70.00


Pizza with hindu curry sauce and chicken with garam masala, mozzarella cheese, coriander pesto, chives, chilli pepper, purple onion.

Small: Q60.00 Large: Q85.00


Add crispy fries for Q12.00 extra

Vegetarianisimo de Corazon

Pure hearted Panini with chards, spinach, onion, tofu, avocado and hummus served with a heart fluttering chipotle sauce.


Chicken O'Clock Teriyaki

Deli Panini with chicken fajitas grilled in our delicious Teriyaki sauce on a bed of spinach covered with gratinated cheese mixed with zucchini and carrot



All burgers come with fries on the side

Dharma Burger

Our epic house burger served on a homemade bun with bacon, egg, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Topped with a delicious honey mustard sauce and a aside of rich garlic sauce.


Diosa Ganesha

Impressive chicken burger with mozzarella cheese, tomato, onion, bell pepper and grilled jalapeño peppers on our home made bum topped with the legendary Itza basil dressing.


The Happy Cow Veggie Burger

Awesome spiced chickpea and lentil burger with avocado, spinach, tomato and red onion covered with mozzarella and server with our finger-licking creamy garlic sauce.


So many PASTAbilities!

Classic Carbonara

Heavenly tasting pasta with cream, bacon, garlic, parsley -all covered in creamy parmesan!


Pesto La Verde

Delicious pasta with spinach, garlic, mushrooms, spring onions and broccoli in our amazingly savory pesto sauce.

Veggie Q55

Chicken Q60

Shrimp Q74

Juan in a Million

Outrageous pasta combined with bacon, chicken, rosemary and broccoli blended with our luscious tomato and chipotle sauce.


Main Dishes

Thunder Chicken Shawarma

Spiced chicken fajitas grilled with red oinion in a pita bread with spinach and tomato teamed with our creamy garlic sauce.

Add fries for Q12 extra


Melech Ha Falafel

Fried spinach chickpea balls with hummus, spinach, red onion and tomato in a pita bread with a side of creamy garlic sauce.

Add fries for Q12 extra


Explosive Laos Pad Thai

Renowned Thai plate with rice noodles stir fried with vegetables, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, eggs,bell pepper, spring onions and peanuts.

Veggie Q55.00

Chicken Q67.00

The Big Lebowsky

Finger licking Pork Ribs in BBQ sauce served with lentils, coleslaw salad, rice and our garlic and parsley pita bread with delicious fresh creamy garlic sauce on the side.


Rosemary Beef Tenderloin

Delicious tender loin on the grill with rosemary, garlic, chimichurri sauce accompanied by a fresh salad and veggies on the grill, provincial style.


La Pasion del Rio

Fresh bass fish from the local river "La Pasion" accompanied by a fresh garden salad and veggies provincial style.


Grilled with herbs



Don't forget to ask for our special pastries of the day!

Flying Dutchman Space Brownie

Juicy homemade chocolate brownie enchantingly

Add vanilla ice cream for Q10 extra


Tiramisu del Dharma

Devastatingly rich mix of cream cheese, coffee and chocolate atop a gram crust.

Add vanilla ice cream for Q10 extra


Yum Kax Elote Pie

Outstanding corn pie using traditional guatemalan recipes

Add vanilla ice cream for Q10 extra


Citrus Lemon Pie

It'll melt on your tongue: Homemade outstanding lemon-cheese pie with a crusty bottom and a raving lemon-butter topping.

Add vanilla ice cream for Q10 extra


Kumara's Jungle Bomb

Explosive mix of vanilla ice cream with Hershey chocolate and delicious strawberry, blackberry and banana dices, covered with sparks of chocolate Oreo cookies. -Awaken your inner child!-

Add vanilla ice cream for Q10 extra